Breeding Advice

If your thinking about breeding its important to plan ahead, we are happy to advise you which of our stud dogs would best compliment your bitch, taking into account many factors.

We are proud of the dogs we stand at stud, all have sound temperaments and are in good physical condition.All are trained to a high standard, experienced and worked regularly in the shooting field, several have had achieved success in field trials. All our stud dogs are proven, many of our stud dogs have had relevant health tests and all have both testicles and teeth with the correct bite.

If your unsure when your bitch will be ready to mate, you may choose to have her blood tested (to measure progesterone levels for accurate timing of ovulation)- with modern technology its now become very popular and many people now opt for this as its very accurate and gives your a high percentage chance of your bitch conceiving -we are very experienced in translating the results for best time to bring to our stud dogs.

Most vets are very helpful, we would usually take first blood test at vets on day 7/8 of her season. Generally the average bitch will be ready to mate (most fertile) between day 10-14 (day 1 being the first show of blood), however they are all slightly different and with blood testing we’ve had bitches need mating as early as day 7 and as late as day 21. Without blood testing it can be more like pot luck to when your bitch may be ovulating.

With our stud service we offer 2 matings a day apart and are happy to kennel your bitch for this time if necessary. The stud fee is payable at time of first mating, we deem the stud fee payment as a service we provide and not a guarantee of a litter. If your bitch does not conceive we offer a return mating on her next season (or within a maximum 18 month period from first mating) at no extra cost but do strongly advise a progesterone blood test at this time. The stud fee payment is non refundable only under exceptional circumstances at our discretion.

We are prepared to be flexible in the service we provide, and happy answering and enquiries.